Bono ‘s Residence in Èze-sur-Mer

U2's frontman Bono
U2’s frontman Bono

You can occasionally spot a familiar face along the beaches of French Riviera among the many A-list residents living in the area. He is not that hard to see, with those trademark glasses he usually wears.

No need to wonder about it. The one we are talking to is none other than U2’s frontman Bono.

And we will tell you here about his grand residence on French Riviera, along the beach of Èze-sur-Mer!

Where to look

Contrary to what some say, the beaches of Èze-sur-Mer are public land. It makes it easy for you to see a celebrity passing-by or overhear them talking about their next hit.

And that includes Bono. At the plush beach clubs in Saint Tropez, you may see him partying. Or he might be drinking in a bar in Antibes.

Bono is also frequently spotted on bike rides with his wife of 32 years, Alison Hewson.

But your best chance to see Bono, and most of the time, with the band, too, is in a beach restaurant in Èze-sur-Mer called Anjuna.

mansion of bono in eze
Bono’s villa, as seen from the public beach at Èze-sur-Mer

Bono: Some Quick Facts

  • Name: Paul David Hewson
  • Other Name: Bono Vox
  • Nationality: Irish
  • Origin: Dublin, Ireland
  • Occupation: Musician, singer-songwriter, venture capitalist, businessman, philanthropist
  • Music Genres: Rock, post-punk, alternative rock
  • Instruments: Vocals, guitar, harmonica
  • Website:
  • Honors received: Honorary Knighthood (KBE OL), 2005 Times Person of the Year, French Ordre des Arts et des Lettres

Bono’s Mansion

The U2’s lead singer, with the band’s lead guitarist, conjointly acquired the luxury property way back 1993.

The rumored cost is about €3.8 million. They renovated the property since then.

mansion of bono in eze

The pink, four-story seaside deluxe mansion is called Villa Les Rose. It is conveniently located in Èze, between the vibrant Nice and glamorous Monaco.

It has more than twenty rooms to accommodate Bono’s famous friends. The whole design is a mixture of an overall Art Déco and southern French architecture.

Guests can enjoy their stay with pool and spa amenities. There is also a lush exotic garden.

Looking over the large terraces is the breathtaking view of the Mediterranean. It is also the site of U2’s song Electrical Storm music video (see below).

An A-list list of guests

Bono is also neighbors with Adam Clayton (bass player) and Larry Mullen Jr. (drummer). They join him in the mansion to practice in a customed white-walled recording studio in the basement.

It is also where they rest and rehearse in between concerts and philanthropic works. Fans were reportedly leaking some of their unreleased tracks when they get a chance to record them when they get a little too loud.

Bono and the Edge regularly entertain guests in this exclusive retreat. Enticing others to visit his mansion with his air of ‘coolness,’ he has a list of VIP guests to host with.

Brad Pitt spend a vacation there with heavily pregnant Angelina Jolie. His friend Robert De Niro took a video of the mansion with his camcorder.

David and Vitoria Beckham are frequent guests, including Penelope Cruz, cyclist Lance Armstrong, George Clooney, and Cindy Crawford. It’s a true feast for paparazzi, especially during the summertime.

Famous’ Neighborhood

Tina Turner and Roger Moore live in the area. Princess Antoinette of Monaco is a resident. It is also close to Johnny Depp’s chateau.

When not hanging out with his VIP circle of friends, he can be aboard his luxurious yacht Cyan, maybe playing a tune or two with the piano on-board. He also spends time catching a few rays with his old group of friends.