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Cannes Fireworks Festival Panoramic View

Cannes Fireworks Festival

Cannes Fireworks Festival Panoramic View
A panoramic view of the fireworks in Cannes Fireworks Festival

Every summer, the French Riviera comes into a lively trance. It comes with spectacular displays of lights, sounds, and colors. The Cannes Fireworks Festival (Festival d’Art Pyrotechnique Cannes) never failed to delight the crowd of spectators. It has the most magnificent fireworks display since 1967. From July 14 to August 24 of this year, the bay of Cannes will once again light up! Participants from different countries will show their most artistic and majestic performances in pyrotechnics.

It is set in the delightful view of the Mediterranean Sea and Cote d’Azur. The musical track, choreography, and the symbolism of the theme all orchestrate with the feu d’artifice. It will all fire up from the barges in the bay. The themes, set by the organizers of the show, varies each year and participants must strictly follow them. Originality and sophistication increase over the years, making the festival the most prestigious among its kind around the globe today.

A splendid competition

About 200,000 onlookers see the show held in the 400-meter waterfront of Cannes. The crowd gathers at La Croisette, having the full view of the event. The reflections in the water and the combination of sound take the entire area into an enchanting world away from the daily monotone life. The participants from different countries will not only charm the crowd but compete with each other as well. They will fight for the “Vestale d’Argent.” In every four years, winners will return to battle for the coveted “Vestale d’Or“. Criteria include best music, stage, synchronization, rhythm, sequence, and colors. Some of the countries who participated last year are Argentina, Finland, France, the Philippines, and Poland.

Cannes Fireworks Festival Details:

Event Type: Fireworks / Pyrotechnic Festival;

Date: 14, 21, and 29 of July; 07, 15, and 24 of August;

Location: La Croisette, Cannes;

A map of La Croisette, Cannes


  • Cannes station is a 5-minute walk from La Croisette.
  • The Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region and the SNCF will grant more trains on 14, 21 and 20 of July and 15 of August.


  • Ligne 2000 – Nice (airport) → Cannes (SNCF)
  • Ligne 1000 Nice (airport/center) → Monaco (Lervotto) – Menton (Bastion)

CAR (possible routes):

  • From Paris: Head to Lyon (A6 motorway). Next, go to Marseilles (A7 motorway), and then Nice (A8 motorway) – Exit for Cannes
  • Form Marseilles: (A7 motorway). Then go to Aix en Provence, Nice (A8 motorway) – Exit 40 for Cannes


  • GERMANY: Steffes-ollig, July 14, Sunday
  • ITALY: Marterello Group Srl, July 21, Sunday
  • AUSTRIA: Feuerwerke Jost, July 29, Monday
  • SWEDEN: Göteborgs Fyrverkerifabrik, August 7, Wednesday
  • US: Rozzi’s Famous Fireworks, August 15, Thursday
  • FRANCE: Pok 2.0 Luc Factory, August 24, Saturday

Program Committee:

  • Sophie Dupont, Cultural Events Manager
  • Jean-Marc Solbes, Project Manager
  • Bruno Giorgini, Site Manager

Contact: Palais des Festival et des Congrès; Direction Événementiel Culturel, La Croisette, 06400, Cannes; email: johnson@palaisdesfestival

Frequency: Annual

Social Media: Facebook

Official Website