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Cannes Travel Video

It is one of French Riviera‘s popular town. Everyone knows Cannes for its links to the wealthy and the well-known. It is full of luxurious hotels and restaurants, and the annual Cannes Film Festival is an unmissable event.

One can enjoy a lot of the best things in the city free of charge. Everyone can experience the beach, views, weather, architecture (and the people). To enjoy this southern France’s city one don’t need to be a millionaire. There are many other things to do all year long in Cannes.

Top Tourist Attractions

Le Suquet and the Vieux Port
Le Suquet and the Vieux Port

La Croisette: This 2 kilometers stretch of golden sand, also known as the Promenade de la Croisette, is full of glamor. It’s the spot to see and be seen. The beach has cafés with striped beach chairs and broad sun umbrellas. Behind is the main promenade with various boutique and designer shops. Elegant hotels line the other side of the street.

Vieux Port, Cannes’ Old Town Harbor: Take a walk through the Old Port of Cannes, where you can see moored yachts. One can hire them privately to tour the surrounding islands and other towns nearby. Colorful houses surround the port, and there are bars and restaurants serving fresh seafood. Follow rue St-Antoine until reaching Le Suquet and its hill, the oldest neighborhood of the city, which gives a wonderful view of the bay.

Mural paintings depicting years of cinema
Mural paintings depicting years of cinema

Le Suquet, Cannes’ Old Quartier: It is the old neighborhood of the city, most famous for its rue St-Antoine and cobblestone lane with bars, restaurants, stores, and shops. Maze of winding streets and steep stairways. Le Suquet overlooks the Vieux Port with tight roads that go up to the Tour de Mt-Chevalier and the Notre Dame de l’Espérence. The church completion was in 1684, and it has a reopening in 2013 after some repairs. It has appealing wood panels and 19th-century painting collection. One can see through the town, the port, and the bay from the old rampart wall in front of the church. For pictures, this place is fantastic.

Cannes Film Murals: Throughout Cannes, tourists can see 15 movie-themed painted walls portraying movies. One is close to the bus station that depicts cinema’s 100 years.

Path of the Stars: Cannes has the handprints of famous movie stars on its sidewalk, similar to Hollywood. Find it right outside the Palais des Festivals.

Musée de la Castre exhibit
Musée de la Castre exhibit

More attractions…

Cannes Beach: Many beaches along the Riviera are private. But in Cannes, there are free beach sections. One is Plage du Midi on Boulevard du Midi Jean Hibert on the west of the old port. Another is Mace, a municipally managed beach along La Croisette. One can rent a chair and umbrellas but pay for less compare to private beaches. There is also an open area where one can lounge on the sand for free.

Marché Forville, Cannes Market: From around 8:00 am to 12:30 pm this market is open daily. It is where to buy delicious fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat, seafood, flowers, olive oil, and more. This French open-air market is definitely the place to go shopping for your food while staying in Cannes.

The Intercontinental Carlton Hotel facing the Mediterranean Sea
The Intercontinental Carlton Hotel facing the Mediterranean Sea

Palais des Festivals et des Congrès: The home to the annual Cannes Film Festival. This striking building also hosts exhibitions and other events throughout the year.

Church of Our Lady of Good Voyage: Built on the site of an old church during the 17th century near the dunes, it is where the Cannes sailors came to ask the Virgin’s protection for a “good trip”.

Musée de la Castre: On the top of Le Suquet is this art and history museum. It has exhibits from archeological digs in the Mediterranean basin to ethnological finds and primitive art on all five continents.

More tourist attractions

La Malmaison: It is in the Croisette and holds three significant exhibits every year. In addition to internationally recognized artists of the 20th- and 21st-century, it frequently honors well-known artists such as Matisse, Ozenfant, and Picasso, who have been inspired by the beauty of French Riviera.

La Malmaison
La Malmaison

The Intercontinental Carlton Hotel: A storied hotel that stands in the heart of La Croisette. This sophisticated hotel is more than you would think, facing the Mediterranean Sea. In the last 100 years, a place full of history with a lot of stars visited, the atmosphere of the hotel is filled with a genuine sense of uniqueness and luxury.

Le Croisette Casino Barriere de Cannes: It is like what one would imagine from an old movie. The casino is an excellent model of European culture with its statues and decor. With only 1 cent one can play so one can feel free to come even if not a real gambler.

Of course, there are many more things to see and do in this chic Southern France city.