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A Seriously In-Depth Guide to Monaco

This video is 50 min long is a seriously in-depth guide to Monaco. It gives us a peek to what the place has to offer: the rich culture of the Monagesque, and the beauty of the Principality. But a word of warning: there are quite a few adverts to skip along the way. Below is some information about the Principality.


A Map of Monaco
A Map of Monaco

The Principality

Monaco is on the Mediterranean Sea

Monaco is part of the Eurozone. Seven districts make up the division of the Monaguesque territory, which consist of the following:

  • Monaco Ville is the historic center of the principality.
  • Reclaimed from the sea in the 20th century is Fontvieille.
  • The Jardin Exotique can be seen on the heights.
  • La Condamine is situated around The Port.
  • On the area of the Casino is where Monte Carlo is.
  • The Eastern border harbors La Rousse.
  • Along the sea resides Le Larvotto.


Of the 37,308 population of the nation in 2016, 47% are French, 16% are Italian, with 21% coming from 139 countries. Only 16% of the population are Monagesque, the ancestral citizens of the Principality.


French is the official language. Many people in the understand and speak English and Italian. A number of old people still speak Monagesque, the traditional and national language. Schools still teach the language to the new generation.


Monaco is predominantly a Roman Catholic. It is also the State religion. The Constitution guarantees freedom of worship.

The Princes’ Motto

The motto is Deo Juvante, which translates to “With God’s Help.”


The form of government is Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy. It is an independent City-State (Monaco is not part of France). It is the second smallest State next to the Vatican. A hereditary constitutional monarchy defines the Head of the State. Therefore, the Sovereign Prince is the head of the government. The Consultative Constitutional Assemblies assist in governing. The current monarch is H. S. H. Prince Albert II. Monaco is also a member of the United Nation (UN). It is also part of thirteen UN organization, such as UNESCO and WHO.

Some Sites to See and Places to Visit

Palais Princier de Monaco
Palais Princier de Monaco

To sum up, as a mixture of modernity and historicity, Monaco is truly a place to visit. A seriously in-depth guide to Monaco such as this one hopes to give a peek of the beauty and richness of the Principality.