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How to Live Like a Billionaire in Monaco

What to do as a billionaire in Monaco

It is said that 1 in 3 persons in Monaco is a millionaire (or a billionaire!) One can arrive by helicopter, tour the beaches on a luxury yacht, or play a high-stakes game in plush casinos. This guide will give you a preview on how to live like a billionaire in Monaco.

Arrive with class by helicopter

Ride a helicopter from Nice to Monaco
Ride a helicopter from Nice to Monaco

Travel in style with a chopper ride from the Nice airport. The seven-minute ride offers one to experience how to fly like a star and be a passenger-royale. Helicopter transport companies assure a safe journey while enjoying the breath-taking view of Monaco and French Riviera. Prices start at around $ 280 per head.

Ride or own Supercars

Ride (or own!) a BMW I8 Roadster. A hybrid supercar that costs about $ 165 000. If one wants to stand out on the streets, one should own the latest model of supercars.

All-aboard the Super Yachts

M/Y Jetsetter
M/Y Jetsetter Superyacht

Quintessentially, a lifestyle management service offers luxury yacht rentals that give a better experience than hotels. Invite everyone and host a party without any restrictions while enjoying the view in the sea. A stay in M/Y Jetsetter (Dynamiq) costs around $ 152 000 per week.

Ride Ultimate Speedboats

A speedboat like Riva Rivamare costs over $ 1.9 M. A ride for a day is around $ 6 000. Known personalities who own a Rivamare are Sean Connery, Sophia Loren, and George Clooney.

Play at Plush Casinos

Casino de Monte Carlo
Casino de Monte Carlo

Casino de Monte Carlo has an exclusive room for high-stakes games. It is known as Privée Anglais. Betting chips are more than $ 220 000 each.

Sleep like a royal in Luxury Suite

Hotel Hermitage
Hotel Hermitage

Recline after a day of luxury at the Diamond Suite of Hotel Hermitage. A night can shed one for almost $ 15 000 per night.

Have your own Chef with Private Dining

Want to have your own chef cook first class cuisine in front of you? Pay as much as $ 600 per couple for a Michelin star private dining.

Live Like a Billionaire in Monaco

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Please visit the Official Tourism Website of Monaco.