We at Iconic Riviera would like to take this opportunity to explain why we will not be promoting Marineland (located near Antibes).

Keeping animals in captivity perpetuates the damaging idea (especially to children) that these sentient beings are simply objects to use for the sake of our own interests.

Marineland: A Depressing Place for People with a heart

At Marineland, most of their whales and dolphins are cruelly captured in the wild. Captors caught them from their mothers and many die from the stress. In fact, in the Antibes location alone, about 50 dolphins have died because of the terrible conditions.

These highly social and intelligent marine mammals normally swim up to 100 miles per day. But in captivity, they are confined to minuscule concrete tanks. This cruel method causes severe emotional distress to the sea creatures.

Imagine someone took you away from your home and your family. You will spend the rest of your life in a sterile room the size of a bathtub. Your captors then will force you to do tricks in front of a screaming crowd. Imagine no way out but death.

What others have to say

At a recent protest outside of Marineland near Antibes, actress Pamela Anderson told the press: “No one wants to live their lives in a bathtub. And that’s exactly what Marineland inflicts on the orcas they imprison.

John Hargrove, who is a former senior killer whale trainer for SeaWorld. He is the author of “Beneath the Surface,” and was present at a recent protest at Marineland in Antibes. His words added a strong voice to the message that these magnificent marine mammals do not belong in captivity. During his career, Hargrove spent two years working as a killer whale trainer in Marineland of Antibes. In his book, Hargrove describes how the severely impoverished and restricted living conditions of captive killer whales lead to stress, intense boredom, and unnatural aggression.

For Further Information

To learn more, please watch Blackfish (you can watch the movie for free).

More reading: Taking Children To An Aquarium Is A Lesson In Cruelty (by Huffington Post). See also Marineland is a Hellhole (by VICE).

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