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Piers Morgan’s Monaco Tour

46 minutes long, buckle in as this show takes you for this thorough Piers Morgan’s tour of Monaco.

An Overview of Monaco’s Culture

Port Hercule at night
Port Hercule at night

The nearby country of France, Italy, and Spain have a very heavy influence in Monaco. The French make up the bulk of its people with around 28 percent. Only about 21 percent makes up for the native Monagesque population. It is not hard to see the huge impact of the French in the country.

The Constitution allows the right to religious freedom. The city-state remains largely as a religious nation. The Roman Catholic Church has the largest number. Up to 78 percent of the state subscribes to their beliefs.

The promotion of culture and the arts in Monaco is due to the guidance and support of the ruling Grimaldi line. There are a large array of world-class galleries and music performances all through the year. The royals support many of them. To promote various causes, the family set-up many foundations. The Princess Grace Foundation helps Princess Grace Dance Academy. The Prince Pierre Foundation promotes arts and culture. The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation raises the protection of the environment.

Monaco Tour

Visit the Monaco‘s Official Tourism Website.