Panoramic view of the coast in Nice, France

Nice, France Travel Guide

A Very “Nice” Travel Guide

Port Lympia
Port Lympia, Nice

Rich in history, architecture, heritage, seafront, festivities, etc. This amazing spot on French Riviera has quite a lot more to offer its visitors.  Nothing is lacking with its richness in elegance and vibrancy in culture, sights, and even taste. One of the jewels on the Mediterranean coast, it also connects to the beautiful beaches lining Côte d’Azur. This Iconic Riviera’s Nice Travel Guide will give you a preview of this jewel in southern France.

A True Mediterranean Jewel

Located on the southeast coast of the Mediterranean Sea in France, Nice has two large bays in its coastline. A commune sits near in an enclosed bay, Villefranche-sur-Mer. The main region of the city is on the other gently curving bay. Surrounded by the Alps, the city’s expanse begins from a flat beach and ascends into gentle rising hills. It has tons of marvelous sceneries everywhere you look.

Balanced Climate

Panoramic View of Nice Coast
Panoramic View of Nice Coast

Together with its natural features, the climate attracts many tourists. One of the warmest in the region, expect episodes of high temperature in summer. Everyone enjoys the warmth of the Mediterranean. Despite that, the hot season is never too much to handle. Around April and September, in autumn and spring, thunderstorms are present, making up for the rainy seasons in the area.

Rich Heritage and Culture

There are wide varieties of architectural styles from different periods. Monuments testify to its cultural richness.

Fort du Mont Alban, Nice, France (travel guide)
Fort du Mont Alban

Fort du Mont-Alban: a military fort, its location is on the hill with the same name. It has a majestic panoramic scene. Westward, you can view Baie des Anges to the Esterel mountains. On the east, the scene starts from the bay of Villefranche that extends to Italian Riviera.

Notre Dame de Nice
Notre Dame de Nice

Basilique Notre-Dame: the largest Church in Nice, France. It has two square towers, both twenty-five meters high.

Le Palais De la Méditerranée, Nice, France (travel guide)
Le Palais De la Méditerranée

Le Palais de la Méditerranée: Since the restoration in the early 2000s, it houses a luxury hotel, a theater, and a famous casino. It serves as the main facade of the famous Promenade des Anglais.

Promenade des Anglais, Nice, France (travel guide)
Promenade des Anglais

Promenade des Anglais: a beautifully-paved seafront stretch whose name comes from the English ex-pat who financed its creation in 1822.

Parks, Gardens, and Beaches in Nice

There are lots of green spaces in Nice, where people of all ages can enjoy a relaxed view, or have fun doing some sports and other activities. There are so much to do with all the places that offer endless excitement and pleasure:

Le Parc de la Colline du Château, Nice, France (travel guide)
Le Parc de la Colline du Château

Le Parc de la Colline du Château: Phoenician Greeks found the city of Nike in this site a few millennia ago. In medieval times, a castle, now missing, protected the area. This is a large landscape park with a grand fortification which retains much of its Medieval look. There is a garden inside as mentioned below. What remains is the fort mentioned above. The garden is first added in 1829 and ever since maintained and improved. Beauty and history go hand-in-hand to give magnificent views for everyone present. Restaurant, souvenir shops, and games add to the cheerfulness of the place.

Le Jardin Botanique, Nice, France (travel guide)
Le Jardin Botanique

Le Jardin Botanique: what this garden offer is more than beauty. It gives knowledge about the world of plants and flora of the continents. Created in 1983, it houses more than 3000 plant species on its 3.5 hectares with an open-air museum.

The beaches

Blue Beach, one of the beautiful beaches in Nice, France (travel guide)
Blue Beach

The beaches: There are many choices of seaside attractions lining the bays of Nice. Each one has its own unique features that suit the taste of any tourist. There’s the Blue beach, Bamboo beach, Opera beach, the Regency beach, and Sporting and Sailboat beach. All give the proper experience of the Mediterranean sun and its turquoise water.

Fun activities and experiences in Nice

Paris-Nice Cycling Race
Paris-Nice Cycling Race

Sports and other activities: AnimaNice centers gives broad choices from kids and teen. Seniors can also find fitting activities available. A center of major sporting events, it hosts many high-level competitions. Examples are the Paris-Nice cycling race, the international triathlon of Nice, The Nice Côte d’Azur Tennis Open, and The Martial Arts Festival.

Christmas in Nice, France (travel guide)
Christmas in Nice

Traditions: Nice observes holidays all year round that charms many for the lively vibes they bring to the city. Some of them are the Feast of the cougourdons, Festa doù Vout, and Oumage à Catarina Segurana. There is also the celebration of the return of Spring by planting a huge pine tree decorated with garlands. Of course, Christmas is widely celebrated.

Wine of Bellet, a famous wine in Nice, France
Wines of Bellet

Products: There are bountiful products like olives and olive oil, the wines of Bellet, the flowers of the Niçois Hills, and candied fruits. They testify to the richness of the land.

Torta de blea, a favorite delicacy in Nice, France (travel guide)
Torta de blea

Food: The delectable taste of its traditional cuisine is ever appealing to tourists. Nicoise salad, torta de blea, the pan bagnat, and the farcis Nice give the unique tastes of Nice. All are vegetable-based and rich in flavor and aroma.

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Final note

Sure enough, French Riviera’s or Cote d’Azur’s other places has many to offer, too. In all of these, Nice in France is uniquely different. True to its features, French Riviera‘s Nice is a place nothing to compare with.

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