Nice, France Travel Guide

This Iconic Riviera’s Nice Travel Guide will give you a preview of this jewel in the French Riviera in southern France.

Nice is the most famous tourist destination in France, aside from Paris. Rich in history, architecture, heritage, seafront, festivities, and many other surprises, this amazing spot on the French Riviera has quite a lot to offer its visitors.

One of the jewels on the Mediterranean coast, it also connects to the beautiful beaches lining the French Riviera. It is certainly worth a visit thanks to its wealthy heritage and contemporary atmosphere. It is a perfect combination of beaches and the gentle Mediterranean climate during the summer.

A True Mediterranean Jewel

Port Lympia, Nice, France (travel guide), french riviera
Port Lympia, Nice
To begin with our travel guide for Nice, we will give you a little background first.
Located on the southeast coast of the Mediterranean Sea in France, Nice has two large bays in its coastline. It’s near an enclosed bay, Villefranche-sur-Mer. The main region of the city is on the other curved bay, just to the west.
Surrounded by the Alps, the city’s expanse begins from a flat beach and ascends into gentle rising hills in the French Riviera.

Balanced Climate

Together with its natural features, the climate attracts many tourists. One of the warmest in the region, expect episodes of high temperature in summer. Despite that, the hot season is never too much to handle.

Around April and September, in autumn and spring, expect a few short-lived thunderstorms. The area has about 330 days of sun per year.

Why People Visit Nice

Nice can be an inexpensive destination compared to others in France. In this travel guide we will give you a list of some of the things the city has to offer:

Sports in Nice, France

Paris-Nice Cycling Race
Paris-Nice Cycling Race

A center of major sporting events, Nice hosts many high-level competitions. Examples are the Paris-Nice cycling race, the international triathlon of Nice, The Nice Côte d’Azur Tennis Open, and The Martial Arts Festival.

AnimaNice centers give broad choices of activities for kids and teens. Adults can also find fitting activities available.


Christmas in Nice, France (travel guide), french riviera
Christmas in Nice

Nice observes holidays all year round that charms many for the lively vibes they bring to the city. Some of them are the Feast of the cougourdons, Festa doù Vout, and Oumage à Catarina Segurana.

There is also the celebration of the return of Spring by planting a huge pine tree decorated with garlands. Of course, Christmas in Nice is a huge spectacle and widely celebrated.


Wine of Bellet, a famous wine in Nice, France (travel guide), French Riviera
Local Wines

There are bountiful products like olives and olive oil, the wines of Bellet, the flowers of the Niçois Hills, and candied fruits. They testify to the richness of the land.

The delectable taste of its traditional cuisine is ever appealing to tourists. Nicoise salad, torta de blea, the pan bagnat, and the farcis Nice give the unique tastes of Nice. All are vegetable-based and rich in flavor and aroma.

Rich Heritage and Culture

There are wide varieties of architectural styles from different periods. Monuments testify to its cultural richness. We listed the top places in this Nice travel guide.

Fort du Mont-Alban

Fort du Mont Alban, Nice, France, (travel guide) French Riviera

A military fort, its location is on the hill with the same name . It has a majestic panoramic scene. Westward, you can view Baie des Anges to the Esterel mountains. On the east, the scene starts from the bay of Villefranche that extends to Italian Riviera.

Basilique Notre-Dame

Notre Dame de Nice, France (travel guide) French Riviera

This is an impressive architectural landmark in Nice built in 1868. It is the largest Church in Nice, France. It has two square towers, both twenty-five meters high, in Gothic-style design. Reach it by going to Avenue Jean Medicin cornering Avenue Notro Dame.

Le Palais de la Méditerranée

Palais de la Mediteranee, Nice, France (travel guide) French Riviera

Since the restoration in the early 2000s, the structure houses a luxury hotel, a theater, and a famous casino, overlooking the sea over the famous Promenade des Anglais.

Promenade des Anglais

Walk and people-watch along this most famous city boardwalk. It extends up to 7 kilometers as a tourist attraction in itself. It is one of the most beautifully-paved seafront promenades. Its name comes from the English ex-pat who financed its creation in 1822.

Nature and Gardens in Nice

There are lots of green spaces in Nice we include in this travel guide, where people of all ages can enjoy a relaxed view, or have fun doing some sports and other activities. There are so much to do with all the places that offer endless excitement and pleasure:

Le Parc de la Colline du Château

Castle Hill, Nice, France (travel guide) French Riviera

This favorite tourist attraction is also called the “Castle Hill.” Phoenician Greeks found the city of Nike in this site a few millennia ago. In medieval times, a castle, now missing, protected the area. This is a large landscape park and gardens (dating back to 1829) inside, with a grand fortification which retains much of its Medieval look. Restaurants, souvenir shops, and games add to the cheerfulness of the place.

Le Jardin Botanique

What this garden offer is more than beauty. It gives knowledge about the world of plants and flora of the continents. Created in 1983, it houses more than 3000 plant species on its 3.5 hectares with an open-air museum.

Sandy beaches in Nice, France

Beach in Nice, France (travel guide) French Riviera

It stretches on one side of the town. The boardwalk gives a moment for a nice stroll. Cafés and seaside restaurants line the pebbly beach. There are many choices of seaside attractions lining the bays of Nice. Each one has its own unique features that suit the taste of any tourist. There’s the Blue beach, Bamboo beach, Opera beach, the Regency beach, and Sporting and Sailboat beach. All give the proper experience of the Mediterranean sun and its turquoise water of the French Riviera.

More attractions

Hotel Negresco, Nice, France (travel guide) French Riviera
Hotel Negresco

Hotel Negresco: This is a renowned hotel and proud glamorous symbol of the past at Promenade des Anglais. There are art exhibitions from the Renaissance to the modern era throughout the hotel.

The Old Town (Vieux Nice): Tour this part of Nice, France with local markets and churches while observing and experiencing the traditional Nice way of life.

Musée Matisse: Learn about the life and works of modern art master Henri Matisse.

Chapelle de la Miséricorde: This church is located next to the Cours Saleya. It has a Baroque design with a prime spot in the Old Town.

Russian Orthodox Cathedral: This is an important structure built in the 20th century. It is for the support of the growing Russian community in Nice.

Villa Massena (Museum): This beautifully restored villa on the Promenade des Anglais is an oasis of tranquility. A well-kept garden surrounds it. Also, there is an elegant museum inside.

Villa Massena Museum, Nice, France (travel guide) French Riviera
The exhibit in the museum inside Villa Massena

More Landmarks

Place Masséna: It is where most of the town activities take place. Top brand shops line the Jean Médecin Avenue. Street performers are always present in the checkered pavement. The square serves as a meetup place for locals and tourists.

Jardin Albert Ier: You can unwind in this oldest public park enveloped by palms, sweet roses, carob trees, junipers, and other exotic flora from all over the world.

Le Jardin Albert 1, Nice, France, (travel guide) French Riviera
Le Jardin Albert I

Place Garibaldi: It is the oldest and largest square in the city. Buildings with baroque layouts surround the square. You can find the statue of Garibaldi (the Italian revolutionary leader) in the center.

Port Lympia: Experience a romantic harbor walk while admiring luxury yachts or while seeing the lovely sunset.

Port Lympia, Nice, France (travel guide) French Riviera

Cours Saleya Market: You can purchase fresh goods such as olives, cheese, herbs, and flowers here every morning. It becomes a Broconte, or ‘antique market’, where antiques and other collectibles are present.

Monumentaux Morts: The landmark serves as a commemoration for the 4000 inhabitants of Nice who died during the First World War who died in the First World War.

Monument aux Morts

Monument du Centenaire: This marks the Comté de Nice Decree of being part of France. It is a statement to the establishment of the Alpes-Maritimes départment.

Nice in France is a real city of wonders and a must-see.