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Tram line, Nice

Transportation Guide: Nice, France

There are so much to see in the lovely city of Nice in southern France. And one of the essential things to learn if traveling there is to know how to get there. On this article, Iconic Riviera will guide you what modes of transportation one can have to access the top tourists’ destination, especially the public ones. Here is the list:


The Aéroport Nice-Côte d’Azur is the French Riviera‘s primary airport and the third busiest airport in France. It has global flights arriving daily, and the numerous transport such as buses and trains available makes it the gateway to the French Riviera.


A8 motorway will be the easiest route to gain access from west of Nice or from Italy. If coming from west, one should take exit 50 then follow the signs pointing to Promenade des Anglais. But when coming from east, taking exit 55 and following the signs going to “Nice center” is the route to take. Car rental companies provide services to visitors and can be booked online or picked-up upon arrival.


Lignes d’Azur operates the buses and trams for the public transport system in Nice. Some lines go to nearby towns like Monaco and Cannes. Located in about 2 km from the city center is the main bus station Gare Routiere (sometimes called Gare Vauban or Gare St. Jean d’Angely.

  • 12 Bus runs along the Promenade des Anglais seafront stopping at Aeroport/Promenade in the main road in front of the airport.
  • 23 Bus connects central Nice to Terminal 1 of the airport.
  • 99 Bus (Airport Express) goes to downtown Nice and the central station coming straight from the airport.
  • 98 Bus travels along the Promenade des Anglais on the seaside going to the central bus station.
  • 200 Bus goes from Terminal 1 (airport) to Antibes and Cannes and leaves every half an hour

There are also open-air buses that tours around the city. There are audio commentaries and guides in different languages that includes French and English. These hop-on hop-off buses do stops on many tourist attractions.


A somewhat “U”-shaped tram line runs from north to south on the sea and to Place Massena (Massena square) connects important points in the city.

  • Tram line 1 connects Gare de Nice-Ville, Place Garibaldi, the bus station Gare vauban, and the area around the Vieux Port.
  • Tram line 2 connects Vieux Port to Nice’s airport, with stops in Jean Medicin district, and Place Garibaldi on the center.

The tramway main stations are as follows:

  • Gare Thiers (train station)
  • Place Massena (main city square)
  • Opera Vieille Ville (Old City)
  • Cathedrale-Vieille Ville (bus station)
  • Cruise Port / Modern Art Museum (Place Garibaldi)

Vending machines are on every stops for tickets. One needs to validate tickets inside the trams before boarding.


SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer), the French National Railway, has trains that run through the cities and towns of the French Riviera and even up to nearby Italy.

TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse) , or the high-speed trains, run between Paris and the main train station: Gare de Nice-Ville. There are other two stations in Nice:

  • Gare St-Augustin: it is the West of the city’s center and near the airport.
  • Gare de Nice-Riquier: its location is in the northeast of the center.

TER (Train à Grande Vitesse) also runs through different cities and towns in France including Nice and has trains every hour but arrive every 30 minutes during rush hours.


Côte d'Azur Airport Ferries

By its location on the coast, Nice is very accessible in the sea with private yachts or ferries. Leisure and luxury crafts, cruise ships, and ferries dock at Port of Nice (Port Lympia) at the east of Colline du Château. The ferry terminal is Gare Maritime de Nice in Quai Amiral Infernet, Port de Commerce, where a booking is always recommended.

Enjoy your trip to Nice!

Also, visit the city of Nice’s official website.

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