Where to Get Tested for Covid-19

Types of Covid-19 Tests

The serological / TROD / finger-prick / rapid test looks for antibodies in a blood sample to show if you have been exposed to the virus. It determines whether you are immune to the virus, even if you have not had any COVID-19 symptoms. It offers 98% reliability. It simply involves a finger prick blood test, with results available in 10 minutes.

The PCR nasal test is based on detecting the virus’s genome in a nasopharyngeal sample (taken by putting a nasal swab in your nose). This confirms whether or not the person is currently infected with the virus at the time the test is carried out.

A blood sample can be taken in a medical analysis laboratory. It is undertaken to find out if you have been in contact with the virus. In the event of a positive test, it may be necessary to carry out a PCR test to find out if you are still infected with the virus.

Monaco’s National Screening Centre at the Espace Léo Ferré

Places to Get Tested in Monaco

Call Monaco’s COVID call centre at +37792055500

For High-Risk Monaco Locals

The Monaco Government has set up a National Screening Centre at the Espace Léo Ferré . This center is open to all Monaco residents, anyone who has social insurance in Monaco, and all schoolchildren in Monaco.

The catch: you need a medical prescription and a prior appointment, and only people who are symptomatic or are high-risk contacts can be tested there. The doctor will request an appointment at the National Screening Centre, and the person to be tested will then be directly informed of the day and time of the screening.

The results from serological finger-prick blood tests will be available within around 10 minutes, so you will be directly informed. If the rapid diagnostic test is positive, this means that you have encountered the virus. In this case, your doctor can give you a prescription for a blood test at a laboratory of your choice. Medical monitoring of positive cases will then be provided by the Department of Health Affairs. This second test will be paid for by the patient, and results will be provided within 1–2 days. If the second test confirms the positive result, the patient will then be invited for a PCR test.

In the case of a positive TROD test, there is no immediate quarantine unless there are clinical signs that are suggestive of the disease (in addition to the positive test), such as fever, cough, etc. In the case of a positive PCR test, you are potentially contagious and must go into quarantine for 14 days.

For Everyone Else

Asymptomatic or non-contact cases who wish to be tested for a trip or for personal reasons must make an appointment with a private laboratory for a PCR (nasal) test. The Monaco medical analysis laboratories will carry out tests for patients with or without prescriptions.

To get a test, you can visit your normal doctor, a private nurse, a laboratory, or a pharmacy.

Rapid diagnostic (finger-prick) tests can also be performed at the following pharmacies:

  • Pharmacie Medecin (19, boulevard Albert 1er)
  • Pharmacie Centrale (1, place d’Armes)
  • Pharmacie J.P Ferry (1, rue Grimaldi)
  • Pharmacie Internationale (22, rue Grimaldi)
  • Pharmacie du Rocher (15, rue Comte Felix Gastaldi)
  • Pharmacie Werhel (2, boulevard d’Italie)
  • Pharmacie du Jardin Exotique (31, avenue Hector Otto)
  • Pharmacie de l’Estoril (31, avenue Princesse Grace)
  • Pharmacie de Fontvieille (25, avenue Albert II)
  • Pharmacie Plati (5, rue Plati)
  • Pharmacie de l’Annonciade (24, boulevard d’Italie)
  • Pharmacie Carnot (37, boulevard du Jardin Exotique)
  • Pharmacie de Monte-Carlo (4, boulevard des Moulins)
  • Pharmacie Bughin (26, boulevard Princesse Charlotte)

All of these health professionals have received prior training to enable them to carry out these tests. For tests carried out by nurses or pharmacists, the cost is €10, which is the cost of the rapid diagnostic test, plus a supplement for carrying out the test which must not exceed €15. For tests carried out by private doctors, the cost is €10 plus the consultation fee.

Monaco’s Video Showing Covid19 Procedures

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