Monaco’s Best Shopping Centers

    If you’re bound for Monaco in search of bargains, I’m going to have to disappoint you. True, there are a few ‘affordable’ shops in the Condamine/Port district. But key Monaco shops (mostly in Monte-Carlo’s Cercle d’Or district around Place du Casino ) clothe, bejewel and otherwise complement the costliest bodies on the planet.

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    Here is a preview of the shopping centers in Monaco:

    Luxury Monaco Shopping Centers

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    The One Monte-Carlo shopping promenade is made up of five futuristic, rounded buildings filled with haute-couture designer shops (think Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton and the like). Even more big-ticket boutiques can be found on Avenue de Monte-Carlo .

    Meanwhile, slightly more modest budgets might move across the Casino Square gardens to the Métropole Shopping Center . Take the escalators, just to the left of the entrance to Hotel Metropole , then head down into this glam shopping center, which houses a few cafes and 80 shops on 4 floors.

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    An entrance to the Le metropole shopping center, with HOTEL METROPOLE in the background
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    Métropole Shopping center

    Budget Monaco Shopping Centers

    Across the other side of the principality, by the Fontvieille district, the Fontvieille Commercial Centre is much less glam but much more affordable. It houses a giant Carrefour supermarket and other shops which people actually need. It’s also home to several affordable fast-food eateries, some with outdoor seating (but none of which we’d recommend).

    The Fontvieille Shopping Center in Monaco will be redesigned to have more green spaces
    The Fontvieille shopping center is going to be redesigned to incorporate more green space

    But the most picturesque shopping is at the daily morning Condamine Market (in Place d’Armes ). It’s a proper Provencal farmer’s market, and center of Monégasque life. If you don’t actually want to buy any fruit and veg, take a seat at one of the cafés in the square and watch normal Mediterranean life pass by…

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