Bespoke Brand Promotion

    We love recommending great things to our readers! This is a new offering and we would love to hear your feedback!

    Why Partner With Us?

    We know that you have a lot of choice when it comes to places to advertise. Here’s why Iconic Riviera is the best choice:

    #1: Yes, there are other tourism, lifestyle, or local events websites. But none of them come close to getting the number of readers that we get. Iconic Riviera is the #1 source for travel and events information about Monaco, Cannes, Nice, St-Tropez and each of the other towns we cover — together & individually! There is no other website you could advertise on that would give you access to a larger or more targeted readership of both locals and tourists specifically looking for information about the French Riviera & Monaco.

    #2: Our guides are always visible and never archived; they are always easy-to-find and get consistently high readership. Other publications publish new content daily and the old content gets archived (and, therefore, stops getting read).

    #3: If you request it, we’ll make the URL to your website be a tracking link so you can see exactly how many readers are clicking through. Unlike with other platforms, on Iconic Riviera you can track the effectiveness of your ads.

    #4: Our advice is trusted because it’s authentic, and we write about both the good and the bad. We don’t write 100% positive fluff, and our readers appreciate that and trust us more because of it.

    Iconic Riviera versus Blogs and Magazines

    Iconic Riviera is very different from a blog or magazine. Here are a few of the things that make Iconic Riviera a much better outlet for brand promotion:

    Blogs and Magazines:

    • The content is temporary and then moves to the archive or is discarded. The number of people who see it after the first day or week it’s published becomes dramatically and rapidly less and less over time.
    • An overload of content is produced so specific articles / posts are lost in the steady stream of new and unrelated content. This also lowers the “read” rate per article / post. Shortly after publishing, your article will no longer be easy to find.
    • Most of their readers (for non-local publications) are not necessarily interested in the French Riviera or Monaco, specifically.
    • Older content (ie. your promotion) will not be cross-promoted in new articles / posts. No motivation to keep funneling readers to your business.

    Iconic Riviera:

    • The content is evergreen and always very visible. Traffic to each guide remains consistent, and all guides remain easily findable — month after month, year after year.
    • We do not overload our readers with daily new content, so that when we do produce new content, the readership is high, and so that our website isn’t overloaded with “filler content”. Your promotion will always be very visible and easy to find.
    • 100% of our readers and content are solely-focused on the French Riviera and Monaco.
    • Iconic Riviera is the most-read catalog of the French Riviera. As a result, brands that advertise with us get the most new customers per dollar spent.
    • More people will learn about your brand on Iconic Riviera than any amount of French Riviera / Monaco billboards or magazine ads can produce. They will also be able to easily click through to your website (to buy tickets. sign up for your newsletter, share with friends, etc.), which can’t happen with magazines and billboards.
    • We are motivated to continually promote your brand / business, to link to it from new guides, and to keep funneling readers to your business.
    This is why we offer promotions in a subscription model.

    The Process

    For hotel, restaurant, and service promotions, the process works this way:

    1. You pay the setup fee via credit card or PayPal.
    2. We discuss where you want the placement, what you want it to say, etc.
    3. If it’s a business profile about a hotel or restaurant, we will then visit your establishment to take photos and learn more about it.
    4. We write the text and provide you with the photo selection. You can also provide text and details to be included. You can then edit it until you’re happy with the final result.
    5. We send you a link so you can start the subscription and the article is published.

    Quick Setup Options

    Banner Ads

    We offer both standard banner ads (image blocks within or between the text) and ad space on the far right side of the page. You can specify exactly which pages you’d like your ad to appear on. Ads can be static or animated / video. Can be desktop-only or also on mobile.

    • Contact us for rates (based on size/shape, placement, video or static) at [email protected]. Minimum 6 month subscription.

    Newsletter / Email Promotions

    We launched our newsletter in 2023, and it is sent out at the beginning of every month. You can see the archive of our newsletter here. Our newsletter is monthly and is published in both English and French. Because we only send out one newsletter per month, our readers look forward to, and read, each and every email we send.

    As of March 1 we have 2600 subscribers to the English version and 500 to the French version. We are getting an average of 18 new subscribers per day (more than 500 new subscribers per month, with only 3 to 5 unsubscribes per month).

    Our readers are exceptionally engaged:

    More than half of the recipients read the email within the first 12 hours of sending it, and a quarter of recipients click a link to an article.

    On average, our subscribers forward the email to two more people who then read it (which is why the total views is roughly 3x the number of subscribers who read the email).

    Bespoke Brand Promotion - newsletter2

    We will work with you to craft a promotion that can include a link to your post (purchased from the options below) in any upcoming email newsletter(s) with timing that is convenient for you. We can also promote your events directly in the newsletter (to accompany the listings in our event calendar).

    Event Listing (in Calendar)

    We will include your event in the Events Calendar. You provide the text and we will add it, with a link to your website.

    • €45 for one event entry, or €399 for a package of 10 event entries (that’s €40 each), or €1750 for 50 event entries (€35 each). Full-day events over multiple days count as multiple event entries (one per day).

    Add this option to your PayPal cart:

    Bespoke Brand Promotion -

    Native Advertising / Integrated Marketing Options

    All of the below brand promotion options are defined as ‘native advertising’ — seamlessly integrated into our content. They appear as recommendations within the content and are not labeled as advertising.

    If you have other ideas or see other places in the content where you would like us to include content about your business, please don’t hesitate to let us know, and we can discuss custom options. We’re open to all ideas!

    Below are our bespoke advertising options:

    Promotion (Within Any Guide)

    Iconic Riviera will recommend your business within any of our guides, lists, or itineraries.

    Have an idea for a guide? Let us know! These articles can include topics like “The Best Spas in Monaco” or “The Best Activities for Kids in Antibes”, etc.

    This promotion includes a short description (approximately 150 words), one wide photo or two tall photos, a map pointer, and (on itineraries only) a visual Google map. This will link to your website, but we can also make this listing link to your Business Profile (see below, sold separately) for readers to learn more, see photos, etc.

    This may require us staying at the hotel for one night, dining at your restaurant, etc. so we can write about it from experience, which you’ll need to cover the cost for.

    Example: St Paul de Vence: Travel Guide (see the treehouse hotel in the ‘Where To Stay’ section of the St Paul de Vence travel guide).

    • €750 one-time setup fee, plus €565 per month billed in six-month increments.

    Add this option to your PayPal cart:

    Bespoke Brand Promotion -

    Promotion (Within Any Event Guide)

    We can add a section entitled either ‘Where To Dine’, ‘Where To Drink’, ‘Where to Shop’, or ‘Where to Stay’, to event guides (for example, our guide to the Monaco Grand Prix, or a Jazz Festival). This includes one photo, a short description (about 150 words), a link to your website, and a visual Google map showing readers how to get to your establishment from the event.

    This may require us staying at the hotel for one night, dining at your restaurant, etc. so we can write about it from experience, which you’ll need to cover the cost for.

    • €650 one-time setup fee, plus €525 per month billed in six-month increments.

    Add this option to your PayPal cart:

    Bespoke Brand Promotion -

    Featured Profile (Full Page)

    Iconic Riviera will publish a profile exclusively about your hotel, store, restaurant, tour, brand, etc. which we will write and you can edit until you’re happy with it. It will have a lot of information, including photos of your dishes, rooms, products, etc. and information about pricing, a video, etc. The listing will be in the main section for the town your business is located in.

    In the case of a store, the article could go in the ‘Spend’ section and you could promote your shop plus several products. For a hotel, we could show photos and describe your room types, restaurant, spa, etc. and give our personal recommendations of our favorite dishes and rooms. For a brand, we could talk about the brand’s products and the stores in the area that sell it.

    Note: In the case of a hotel, restaurant or tour, this may require us staying at the hotel for two nights, or trying your tour, dining at your restaurant, etc., so we can write about it in an authentic way, which you’ll need to cover the cost for.

    Examples: Château Léoube (Pellegrin Beach, Wine & Olives), Antibes’ Absinthe Bar, Monaco Open-Air Cinema, and The Prince’s Car Collection.

    • €1750 one-time setup fee, plus €865 per month billed yearly.

    Add this option to your PayPal cart:

    Bespoke Brand Promotion -

    Event Guide (Full Page)

    We will publish a listing/post exclusively about your event, with photos and a YouTube video, which we will co-write and you will get final edits and approval on. It can be updated at your request to keep it current.

    It will be in the section for the town the event is happening in, plus added to the overall ‘Events’ section/page, as well as added to the public Google Calendar that readers subscribe to.

    This may require us attending one of your events so we can write about it from experience.

    Example of short version: Cannes Dance Festival and Les Nuit Guitares.

    Examples of long version: Guide to the Cannes Film Festival and Guide to the Monaco Grand Prix.

    • Short version: €850 one-time setup fee, plus €385 per month billed in six-month increments.
    • Long version: €1350 one-time setup fee, plus €385 per month billed in six-month increments.

    Add this option to your PayPal cart:

    Bespoke Brand Promotion -

    Vacation Rental Listing (Full Page)

    We will publish a listing exclusively about a villa you have for rent. You write the content and we will edit. Listings should include photos and can also include a YouTube video. They will appear in a new ‘Villa Rentals’ section and can also appear in the appropriate city/town section for additional cost.

    Example: Luxury Villa Rental: Villa le Castel

    • €450 one-time setup fee (or €390 each when ordering 10), plus €385 each per month billed in six-month increments.

    Add this option to your PayPal cart:

    Bespoke Brand Promotion -

    The Best French Riviera Travel Guides / Leaf Divider

    Do You Have Questions?

    Please contact us at [email protected] for more details.

    Please note that we do not work on an affiliate basis, nor do we publish guest posts.

    Terms & Conditions

    Subscription fees will be paid and begin only after the content is written and approved by you. If you do not keep paying your subscription payments, or cancel your subscription, your content will be removed. In the case that we do not feel that we can recommend your establishment to our readers then we will explain why and we will revisit once you’ve fixed the issues we noticed. If we feel that your business is not a good fit because of a large number of online complaints, we will refund you fully. Otherwise, setup fees are non-refundable once we have logged time working on the project.

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