Monaco Open-Air Cinema

    The best way to experience the Monaco atmosphere like a local is to watch a movie in its Open-Air Cinema. Being the largest in Europe, this cinema has a first-class setting uniquely set on The Rock near the Oceanographic Museum, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

    From June to September, the 200-square-meter screen opens to show the latest blockbuster movies (although, from time to time, a classic film or two is also on the roll). Under the star-lit sky, enjoy the films in their original video format with French subtitles.

    The cinema’s bar allows you to purchase champagne, beer, or a glass (or three!) of wine, soda, popcorn, candy, and a fast-food style meal.

    Monaco Open-Air Cinema - open air cinema monaco schedule

    The Monaco Open-Air Cinema has 500 seats. Even though the cinema can hold up to 500 guests, it still feels intimate. Despite the large number of seats, all do seem to give you a prime viewing location no matter where you sit.

    All the seats in the cinema have cushions and foot rests. Every two seats get their own table to hold your variety of refreshments that can be bought at the food kiosk.

    Something to note: If you’re sensitive to cigarette smoke, this might not be the best experience for you, as both vaping and smoking is (unfortunately) allowed and can be quite disruptive to non-smoking viewers.

    Useful Information for Monaco Open-Air Cinema

    Destination type: Open-Air Cinema

    Movie Lineup: Check their official website

    Price: Ticket prices range from €9 to €12.

    Dates Open: Summer, mid-June to mid-September

    Timing: The movies start after 10pm, but seating starts as early as 9pm. Reservations are not available, so be early to get get the best seat.

    Social: Official Facebook Page

    Contact: +37793258680

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