A Guide to Saint-Tropez’s Beach Clubs

    Saint-Tropez’s beach is one of the most famous in the world, and certainly the most posh beach party scene on the French Riviera. There are yachts. And stars. And lots and lots of beaches with tanned bodies sprawled about them dressed in little more than a squirt of SPF 4. The dreamy coastline near St-Tropez is filled with so many stunning beaches that choosing which one to visit can be a tricky affair.

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    nikki beach st. tropez is a 20-something boozefest

    Located a 15-minute drive outside of the village of Saint-Tropez, Plage Pampelonne is the stretch of beach that has some public space and a lot of private beach clubs / restaurants. Knowing which is the trendiest this year, getting reservations for the right table, and how to dress for them, is a major preoccupation for many jet-set. Here’s your guide to navigating the beach clubs of St. Tropez:

    How St. Tropez Became the Beach Destination

    In the beginning there was Chez Camille, a bouillabaisse restaurant that since 1912 has sat on the water at one end of Pampelonne. Patrice de Colmont’s father camped on the beach nearby in 1948, then bought a fisherman’s house on the sand. When travelers passed, he and his wife would offer them hospitality. In 1955, Brigitte Bardot and her husband, director Roger Vadim, were shooting And God Created Woman on the beach, and mistook the Colmonts’ cabana for a bistro. The crew boss asked Madame Colmont if she would cook for the troupe. When filming ended, Bardot and Vadim stayed—and Club 55 was born, as an invitation-only restaurant for “the people we like,” says Patrice, who was eight-years-old at the time.

    Yet despite its well-earned hedonistic reputation, St-Tropez possesses a certain mystique that has lingered here since long before a pouty young ingénue named Brigitte Bardot came along in the mid-1950s and splashed the whole town with limelight. Saint-Tropez was already popular at the beginning of the 20th century, when it attracted Colette, Matisse, and the Prince of Wales, but it is the beach clubs that bring today’s equivalent of royalty: P. Diddy, Claudia Schiffer, Leonardo DiCaprio, and every major supermodel.

    With an eclectic mix of frolicking children, cigar-chomping moguls, designer-clad women, topless girls, and tattooed boys, the beach clubs seem intent on proving that you can never be too rich, too chic, too tan, too lifted, too bejeweled, or too old a man with too young a girl.

    La Voile Rouge is the infamous beach club where topless sunbathing first took off. The raucous parties there —where disco pumps into the afternoon, and almost as much champagne is poured over half-naked women as is swilled by them— were decidedly hedonistic. So much so, in fact, that a group of Tropeziéns lobbied to have it shut down, and succeeded. Of course, the hedonism has since dispersed to other beach clubs, not dissipated.

    A Guide to Plage Pampelonne: Saint Tropez’s Famous Beaches

    Saint Tropez is the place to go if you like to experience the m’as-tu vu (that is, see and be seen, or literally “have you seen me”) beach vibe. So after breakfast, hop in your rental and drive to the famous beach club area named Plage de Pampelonne , which is about 15 minutes from St. Tropez. In reality this beach belongs to the closest village of Ramatuelle rather than to Saint Tropez itself, which is around six kilometres away.

    This is where you will find some of the south of Europe’s most infamous beach clubs (see the list below). The famous and infamous have tanned their body parts along the sandy stretch of Pampelonne beach, where umbrella-covered clubs line up like obedient clones. The sea and surf are more than inviting, and the lure of tripping over the outstretched feet a famous person is irresistible. You can hire a sun lounger and parasol on the beach, or dine in the restaurant, there is no pressure to do both. Some of the beach clubs are set back from the beach and have a pool for guests to enjoy, although the sea is never far away.

    A Guide to Saint-Tropez's Beach Clubs - st tropez beach clubs pampelonne
    There’s something for everyone at st. tropez’s beach clubs

    You’ll want to be comfortably seated by 2pm, though as that’s when the clubs generally get going with live music and a dancing staff, eager to pour you drinks and serve you lobster. The most famous beach clubs get booked up, so reserve ahead.

    Wherever you end up for lunch, the day’s goal will be to walk to the end of Pampelonne, which takes about 1 hour. So, once you’re properly satiated and lubricated, head south and walk past some of the famous clubs, then grab a taxi back to the car.

    Or, once you’ve had your fill of thumping DJ-spun music and €20 glasses of rosé wine, take a hike. Literally. The Sentier du Littoral (coastal path) follows the perimeter of the St-Tropez peninsula, from the ramparts at the far end of the port to the top of Pampelonne beach (or do it backwards). The footpath meanders past the town’s cemetery (killer views, no pun intended), hidden villas, and several tempting crystalline swimming holes. Once at Pampelonne, take the Rue de Tahiti two miles back to town.

    Food & Wine

    A small glossary that will allow you to enjoy the St. Tropez beach clubs to their fullest:

    • Moules Frites: mussels with a side of skinny french fries.
    • À la Piscine: Champagne served on the rocks.
    • Granadine: alcohol-free drink with strawberry or sour black cherry syrup diluted with water and ice.
    • Caffè Gourmet: a taste of a selection of desserts by the chef (there are always macarons included).
    • Tarte Tropézienne: a brioche filled with a mix of vanilla and lemon cream.

    Warning: Pay close attention when selecting from the menu. Always ask the price of specials and watch out for restaurants that charge by the gram. The price next to that fish may not be the final price — that’s the price per certain number of grams, and the cost can add up quickly. If you’re not operating on an unlimited budget, stick to dishes that don’t charge by grams.

    Water Sports

    There are water sports aplenty to enjoy on Pampelonne. Jet skiing, windsurfing, paddle boarding are all available at kiosks dotted all the way along the beach. Check out our guide to the best places for water sports on the French Riviera.

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    When To Go & Things to Note

    During the summer months of July and August, the public beach can become busy and crowded. Your beach towel may overlap that of your neighbor’s but if you are prepared to walk, you should be able to find a more spacious plot.

    Many people don’t realize that the best parts of Pampelonne beach near Saint-Tropez are mostly taken up by private beach clubs that charge substantial amounts to rent a lounger. Two sun-loungers and an umbrella will run you from €50 to €150 a day, depending on the beach club, time of year, and proximity to the water’s edge. Drinks and food are, of course, available –but not included.

    Remember to book your sun lounger well in advance during July and August. Lunch and dinner reservations are also recommended during the summer period. For brunch, there’s usually two seatings — one at around noon, which is more chill, and one at around 3pm, which is usually the boozy, dancing, partying group.

    If you prefer your beach time to be a bit more tranquil then consider visiting in low season, towards the end of September when the sun is still warming every inch of body and soul, when the beach chairs are half occupied, and you can enjoy this long white sandy beach at its best.

    Facilities are excellent, with public toilets, showers and three first aid stations with life guards on duty from mid-June to mid-September.

    Most beach clubs have boat shuttles that will pick you up from your yacht.

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    Adult-Focused St. Tropez Beach Clubs

    Beautiful women (yes, some are prostitutes) dancing on tables while drinking from magnums of booze… this is the mental image that these beach clubs often conjure. Loungers on a sandy beach, yachts in the distance, music, seafood towers and colorful cocktails… these are the key features of the most glamorous of the Pampelonne beach clubs, where guests often arrive by helicopter or yacht and enjoy sunbathing topless.

    Here are the best beach clubs in St. Tropez, where you can find any vibe you’d like, from casual and chill to showy and frenetic:

    Tahiti Beach

    Tahiti Beach‘s orange beach umbrellas contrast with the colors of the sea, creating a very Instagrammable effect. Their restaurant serves freshly-caught fish and sushi, and they have the loveliest shop on the beach. It’s also connected to a chic hotel. It’s far more peaceful in the morning, starts getting crowded around lunchtime, and reaches its peak at aperitivo time.

    Club 55

    Club 55  is the most famous beach club on Pampelonne Beach. It was used in a scene of the famous Bridgette Bardot film ‘And then God Created Woman’, and it has been wildly popular with the jet-set ever since. It’s a classic; as beautiful as a vintage postcard. At least once in your life, you simply must sunbathe on large airbeds on the sand and sip champagne at the always-crowded restaurant.

    Despite its rustic simplicity, it is quite splendidly expensive, and the food isn’t that much chop compared to what you can get elsewhere, but none of the A-listers who come here seem to really care. It’s picture-perfect for lunch with light blue table cloths, fresh flowers, and large baskets of vegetables. Don’t forget to visit the boutique.

    Bagatelle Beach St. Tropez

    Bagatelle is most popular club, so know that you have to book at least one week in advance, and that it’s always packed. But it’s worth the effort: a harmonious mix of white and light-blue evoking the carefree ease of summertime. One of the coast’s must-sees, even you’re not the fashionable beach club type.

    Nikki Beach

    Nikki Beach is a 20-something boozefest. It’s the most touristy and party-oriented St-Tropez beach club — and best-known, due to the infamous Nikki Beach worldwide franchise. Nikki Beach has the requisite plush daybeds and pool, but it really loves a party, with big-name DJ’s spinning day beats and dance music throughout the summer months. Its extensive menu includes sushi, salads, freshly-caught seafood, and rotisserie chicken. If you’re not looking to ‘mingle’ with 20-somethings, this isn’t the place for you.

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    Nikki Beach

    Byblos Beach

    The beautiful Byblos beach club has a chilled-out yet sophisticated vibe, with cocktails, sunbeds and colorful dishes. Light and tasty creations with a distinctive Mediterranean accent, all made from top-quality produce and created by the Byblos executive chef, Rocco Séminara. 

    Moorea Plage

    Moorea is where to go for sun & dancing, but in a more relaxed Caribbean style. You can taste selections of sushi and sashimi and check out their small, super chic department store with four shops for him and her.

    Club des Palmiers

    Club des Palmiers is one of the most eco-friendly St-Tropez beach clubs. Relax in a Mediterranean atmosphere, indulge in the Shisha or cocktail bar, and buy St-Tropez fashion in the boutique. Designed by Philipp Plein, this beach club is a rhapsody in white, where privacy is protected, but with great music and dancing at sunset.

    Réserve à la Plage

    Set in the relaxed vibe of a cabana, Réserve à la Plage‘s menu includes tapas for sharing, grilled fish and fresh local produce, with events throughout the season including live concerts, DJ sets, sand golf, and photographic exhibitions.

    Family-Friendly St. Tropez Beach Clubs

    In addition to the best-known clubs, here is a list of more family-friendly beach clubs:

    Gigi Ramatuelle

    Gigi Ramatuelle boasts a high-end restaurant, a lounge area and bar, a stunning swimming pool, a wellness center and a space reserved for children (6 to 12 years old) of no less than 500 square meters. Add on a few petanque grounds, and the setting is complete. Enjoy northern Italian cuisine with your toes in the white sand or under the Mediterranean sun on the wooden terrace. The first seating at 12:30pm features a delightful orchestra during service, while the 3:30pm seating hosts a DJ and sets a party atmosphere for guests.

    A Guide to Saint-Tropez's Beach Clubs - south of france itinerary luxury gigi1
    Gigi Ramatuelle

    Tiki Beach & Club

    Two neighboring family-oriented beach clubs (Restaurant Tiki Beach and the more casual Tiki Club ) attached to a rustic villa-style beach hotel (Tiki Hutte), campground (Kon Tiki), and affordable, slightly-inland thai restaurant (Tiki Thai). A great option for kids. Orange umbrellas and strategic position in the middle of the Pampelonne coastline, where the water is wonderfully clean and clear. If you drive a Tesla, there’s a charger on the property.

    La Cabane Bambou

    La Cabane Bambou is a small beach club almost at the end of the Pampelonne beach, with a chill nature-chic vibe and music that doesn’t get as loud as the other beach clubs. It’s worth going for the live music every night in July and August.

    Tropicana la Plage

    Tropicana la Plage features gourmet cuisine based on top-quality local ingredients and regional flavors by chef Eric Santalucia, trained at Alain Ducasse. The restaurant is set in the back, and does not have a sea view, but the setting is still very picturesque. Pick up a bohemian sun cover-up or some jewelry at the boutique.

    Les Salins

    Les Salins is not on Pampellone beach, but is instead off-the-beaten-track, nestled between Cap des Salins and the Pointe de Capon . This beach club boasts three different areas: at the edge of the water, there is the beach bar and its iconic azure blue umbrellas; above there is a restaurant perfect for families with Mediterranean cuisine; and upstairs, there is a pizzeria, which has a breathtaking view of the sea. There’s no pretentiousness here, just conviviality and the spirit of family.

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    Practical Information: Getting There

    While it is possible to walk to, Plage de Pampelonne is about six kilometers (a 15 to 30 minute drive depending on traffic) from town by car and the narrow windy roads aren’t pedestrian friendly.

    If you decide to take the coastal walk, bring appropriate shoes and know that it’ll take you more than two hours each way.

    Where to Park

    It’s cash-only when it comes to parking, and there isn’t anywhere to park that won’t cost you money. Parking (a €5 fee) is available in one of the six access points, and many beach clubs have valet. 

    The beaches are all located along Pampelonne, so park at the northern end of the long beach, closest to St-Tropez. From there, it’s an easy walk or quick taxi ride down to Tahiti Beach , one of the French Riviera’s most famous beach clubs. Adorned with bright orange and white-striped umbrellas and a private dock, this is where your adventure will begin. Enjoy the people watching as guests arrive on foot but also via the sea. From there, you can work your way along the beach and visit the other beach clubs.

    Don’t Have a Car?

    There are infrequent buses from the town center, and you can learn more about the buses here. You can rent a scooter for about €50 per day; it’s well worth it considering St-Tropez taxis (all big black Mercedes) are €70 each way during high season and €30 during low season – ouch! If you’re not keen on a scooter your best bet is to use Uber (approx €10 each way), however these can also be hard to find at the best of times and almost non-existent out of peak season.

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